Wicked Smaht Comedy

An intercollegiate media production company in Boston, MA. 

We produce a sketch variety show and more with access to a network across campuses. 

Our Mission

Boston, MA is a college city. 

Boston holds over 118 colleges and universities, it’s a major city and a college town! But students aren’t as connected as they should be. There’s a gap in a network of schools that share the same city, and we aim to bridge it. 

Enter Wicked Smaht Comedy

Wicked Smaht Comedy (or WSC), is a Boston-based intercollegiate media production company. We create an intercollegiate live sketch comedy show with a percentage of profits going to a local charity each episode. With access to our network, students are encouraged to create other passion projects and innovate.

WSC is run by students, for students (or really anyone who enjoys a good show). People seeking: professional experience, a chance to network beyond their own campus, or a good time are encouraged to apply.

We’re all about creativity, teamwork, and most importantly, serving our community. A percentage of proceeds from each show will go towards a local charity. Come laugh with us! Bringing people together sounds smaht to us.

TLDR: Wicked Smaht Comedy LLC is a media production company that serves to connect college students and donate to local charities. We're building a stronger community – both as a city and as a network of Boston-area schools!


Contact wickedsmahtcomedy@gmail.com to get more information on the project.