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WSC Informational Meeting 01.29.23 

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An unconventional New Years Resolution

Founder Bella Ramirez started off 2022 certain she would become a fitness freak. However, the only way she could commit to doing sit-ups was by playing "Weekend Update" on her phone and placing it where she could only see, well, sitting up. Soon enough, the workout was abandoned for streaming Saturday Night Live on the family couch over winter break. She wondered why Boston didn't have a show of its own for their large college student population and poof! Wicked Smaht Comedy was born. Going into 2023, Ramirez had a new resolution that she hopes will last longer than her wellness interlude: unite college students in the Greater Boston Area through laughs and funding non-profits.

Bella Ramirez pitching to the BUild Lab on Dec. 13, 2022.

Where we are today

Ramirez pitched the show to Boston University's Innovate@BU BUild Lab and made it to the first stage of their Innovation Pathway program. This unlocked $250 funding and mentorship to get the show on the road. Since then, WSC has hosted its first live trial show with 76 paying customers and $532 revenue. Throughout the process, WSC advanced on the Innovation Pathway program and got on the BUild Lab's Summer Accelerator program for early-stage start-ups. Through this, the team has garnered over $11,000 and currently has 31 student volunteers from 9 different Boston-area schools. Now, WSC is looking for more people to join the mission either by funding or talent for their first season in Fall 2023. They are looking forward to their first ever episode at the BU Dance Theater on October 20 at 7 p.m.

A picture is worth 1k words

Our first ever trial show on April 9, 2023. (Photo courtesy @_ttphotos)

Founder Bella Ramirez at Demo Day on August 9, 2023 presenting the show to Boston community members.

One of the writers room meetings ahead of the first episode of Wicked Smaht Comedy. The team features students from Boston University, Tufts, Northeastern, Harvard and MassArt.