When is this starting up?

We're currently in Stage Four of the project: getting this show on the road. Spring 2023 was our trial semester where we created our key team moving forward and had one live show. We're starting up our first season now in Fall 2023! If you want a role in the show, join ASAP by going to our Join The Team page or send us an email at wickedsmahtcomedy@gmail.com. Applications are rolling so apply right away for a spot!

Who can participate?

Everyone has a role in this project, it's very all-hands-on-deck. However, the teams will compromise of college students from the Greater Boston Area. So, as long as you have some way of getting to Boston (commuter rail, MBTA, car, legs, etc.) in a timely manner, you're welcome to join. 

Can I join as a grad student?

We expect the team to be primarily made of undergrad students but grad students are more than welcome to join in the fun.

What if I'm not yet in college but still live in the Greater Boston Area?

For high school students interested in joining, join our mailing list to keep posted on any opportunities we may create for you. We may create a mentorship program to pair younger community members with people from our team in the future. Stay posted!

Why not take all the profits for yourself?

Part of the lack of community between colleges stems from an idea of gatekeeping resources. By having the core of this project be directed toward the greater good of the community, students have another reason to bring down the walls and unite their talents.

Why "Wicked Smaht"?

Because we're honest. A load of college students in Boston cracking jokes? Nothing more Wicked Smaht than that!