December 2022

Finalize all style guides and background information

January 2023

Casting and recruitment for full team, reserving spaces, non-profit networking

February 2023

Promotions, set, writing

Stage One

This is an intensive planning period for the trial semester of the show. Our trial semester (Spring 2023) will consist of only two episodes that will help provide marketing and logistics analytics for moving forward with the actual first season in Fall 2023. 

Mid March 2023

Finalize all pre-recorded segments for first trial episode

Late March 2023

Rehearsal for live segments for first episode

April 9, 2023

First trial episode

Stage Two

This is production for the first trial episode. The first trial show will not be broadcast live and instead be focused on bringing in the live audience.

May - August 2023

Break for certain members, work out issues identified from marketing and logistics analytics in trial episodes, pre-production for first season, promotions for first season

Stage Three

While Stage Three may serve as a break for many members in the summertime, certain team members will be tasked with overdrive for smoothing out planning for the first season in Fall 2023. In specific, core business team spent time fleshing things out in the BUild Lab Innovation Center's Summer Accelerator program. 

September 2023 & Onwards

Get this show on the road!

Stage Four

September 2023 marks the start of our first ever season!

Mark your calendars! October 21 at 7 p.m. will be our first ever show of our first ever season.